Playstation 4 Pro (ps4pro) Giveaway ahead of ps5 launch

ps4pro Oct 11, 2020

Talkomi Inc. is giving away a brand new #ps4pro gaming console ahead of the latest #ps5 launch. All you need to do is to create or login to your exisiting Talkomi Inc. foodie account and take a short video of you eating something like a big burrito or a big legendary burger and add this foodie video story with hashtag #bfgconsole on Talkomi Inc.

Create foodie video story with hashtag #bfgconsole between october 12th and november 12th to participate

How to enter ?

1. Login to your talkomi account from or download the app from here

2. Create your foodie video story from your favourite food place with the biggest food you can eat something like a #bfg burrito

3. Add hashtag #bfgconsole to your foodie story, if don't add this hashtag you will be disqualified

4. Follow our social media pages on twitter, facebook & instagram to find out the ps4pro giveaway competition winner


Akhil Raj Arimbra

Co Founder & Chief Architect