Is WhatsApp Up or Down? Top 10 App Alternatives in 2018 !

WhatsApp Up or Down Jan 02, 2018

What happen when WhatsApp servers went down during the holidays? People went into a panic and used alternatives to WhatsApp to convey their love ones holiday New Year messages.

What had happen New Years Eve is the simple supply and demand. There was not enough resources to allocate the surge in request from WhatsApp Users.

A spokesmen from Whatsapp said, the global outages where only a few hours before midnight on December 31, 2017 and engineers where able to get the servers back up right before 11:47pm to ring in the New Year 2018.

However Millennials like Roger Kettleson, Resident Assistant from Ohio State University, uses WhatsApp group feature to notify staff about important updates about campus events during the holidays.

According to Roger, he was ready to use alternatives chat apps like to give a heads up to students about important campus events to ring in the New Year 2018, with a bang!

Roger replied in a Skype message to us over the holiday weekend, since our University network gets busy all the time during finals and football games you got to use alternative apps because of the congestion, it is crucial you don't get left in the cold because you were down on one app and up on another.

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